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Get off your soapbox and do something



In response to Robin Leake's letter ("MAPS 3 needs a spanking") that made it into the Gazette's Dec. 30 issue, all I have to say is she is complaining about MAPS 3 and yet she admits to not even voting on the issue? What the heck is that?

If you did not agree with the MAPS for Kids, as she clearly points out in her letter, and she obviously did not agree with the MAPS 3 agenda, then why not vote against it? I did not agree with it, so I voted against it. Pretty simple.

The reason MAPS passed is somewhat because of people like you. You complain about this and that, but that is all you do. Instead, you should be more proactive in what you believe in and do something about it. Yes, I know that means getting off your soapbox and applying thought and action. However, you managed to write this letter, so take some of that enthusiasm and apply it toward an action other than just complaining about it.

My mother-in-law did not vote in the Barack Obama presidential election, but every time I am at her house she complains about how much she disagrees about his policies. I really get on her nerves when I tell her that since she did not vote at all, she does not deserve the right to complain about it. Very similar mentality.

Robin makes some very valid points in her letter, but please don't just get talk about it: Do something about it! If more people like you would actually do something, the MAPS 3 vote may have had a better chance of not passing. Imagine how loud your voice would have been if that were to happen. You and people like you would have accomplished something and you would have gotten the attention of the mayor and those involved in the MAPS project. All we've done was empower them even more now.

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden after MAPS 3 passed that Oklahoma is having budgeting woes all over the place when before the vote they made it seem that everything was hunky-dory just to fool those that refuse to go out and make a statement, and choose to be mindless persons that need government assistance in order to through life? Mindless zombies obviously outnumber the sensible persons living in this city because somehow the zombies seem to show up to the booths on Election Day and do as they are programmed to do by their friendly government official.

"R. Thompson

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