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You’re probably a mere shell of a human that can’t function properly until you’ve been fueled.

And by fueled, I mean caffeinated.

Pick your poison: coffee or tea.

Either way, it’s of the utmost importance to have the best products in order to achieve caffeine euphoria.

Sure, you could buy a cuppa every day, but that sort of thing adds up in the long run. Why not have your own cafe à la home? After all, it’s something you look forward to and helps wakes you up on a daily basis. Hell, your job/ life probably depends on it.

First up, coffee drinkers, ditch the store-bought, pre-ground nonsense that claims to be coffee. Oklahoma City is home to Elemental Coffee Roasters (815 N. Hudson; 604-9766), where beans are roasted on the regular, so there’s no need to compromise the freshness.

When you foray into your own bean-buying, however, you’ll need a grinder; those beans aren’t going to grind themselves. Luckily, Elemental has a shelf full of grinders, and they are waiting to go home with you.

Once you’ve got the means to grind, you should also check out Coffee Slingers Roasters (1015 N. Broadway Ave.; 606-2763), which also boasts a variety of freshly roasted beans. Once again, why wouldn’t you want the best quality product for something that’s a daily routine?

Grinding isn’t the only step you’ll need to be prepared for. Make sure to pick up a coffee press to separate the grounds for the liquid of the gods.

Might as well spring for the 32-ounce press, because coffee was made to be shared!

Maybe you aren’t hooked on the bean, but still need a kick in the a.m. Tea is a lovely way to warm up, and you can take your flavor pick of loose-leaf varieties at T, an Urban Teahouse (7518 N. May; 418-4333). Chai teas, black teas, green teas and white teas abound, each with varying levels of caffeine.

Some don’t have any caffeine, but still will provide you with a jolt of warmth and flavor. You’ll be met with a wealth of knowledge from the staff, as well as tea accoutrement from cups to diffusers.

It might be the caffeine or it might be the morning ritual of something warm to drink. Either way, it’s imperative that you fuel yourself into being a human every morning.

Let’s shop, OKC!

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