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Get your goatee



The latest senator to get the goat "? or goatee "? of the Washington press corps is none other than Oklahoma's Tom Coburn. We're not talking a flavor saver or soul patch. Growing like the deficit as the Fed quantitatively eases more money, Coburn's peach fuzz blossomed into a near Fu Manchu earlier this month. Coburn made headlines ("Watch Tom Coburn's Beard Grow" at Politico, "Hair! Coburn Grows Beard for Lame Duck" at the National Journal) and generated comments on Twitter ("TOTALLY DIGGING Tom Coburn's writers' strike beard.")

"If talk show host Conan O'Brien invented the 'strike beard,' then perhaps Sen. Tom Coburn thought up the 'lame-duck goatee,'" Roll Call's Elizabeth Brotherton and Alison McSherry surmised.

The facial hair was featured in the following exchange with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC earlier this month:

Scarborough: "Good luck, and good luck with that beard."
Coburn: "It's not a beard, Joe. I'm just not shaving for a while."

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