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Gettin’ juicy with it



I wanted to do my part in our community efforts to improve health. My motivation came after viewing Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary chronicling filmmaker Joe Cross’ radical 60-day trek across the U.S. — with a stop in Oklahoma — in which he ate nothing and juiced everything. In the process of what Cross later coined the Reboot program, he lost more than 100 pounds.

I fully intended to solely juice for 10 days. That lasted until the first night, when I decided to do the “juicing plus eating” option. I caught up with Cross, who was gracious enough to offer some words of wisdom.

“It’s a personal choice, but I am a big advocate of doing what works for you. Moreover, I don’t think an alljuice Reboot is superior to juicing and eating,” he said. “The important part of a lifestyle change — getting more micronutrient-dense plant food into your system to energize and heal — is accomplished with either program.”

The first few days were difficult.

Day 3 was terrible, and it shocked me into a deeper awareness of food and lifestyle choices, and how I wanted to change some of them.

Cross had a similar experience when he did his first juice fast.

“The first few days represented a massive shift away from old habits that I was clinging to,” he said.

outlined positive changes he experienced, including improved energy, a
quicker mind and being able to get off some medications.

own clarity came on the sixth day. A friend asked if I had been
struggling with the Oklahoma weather, as I typically suffer allergies
year-round. That’s when I realized I hadn’t even sneezed, much less
taken an allergy pill.

my Reboot is over, the changes in my life aren’t. Besides not suffering
with alleriges, I crave fruit, not processed foods.

your weight is causing health issues or you just want to detox your
body, Cross said he wants Oklahomans to know it can be done.

in Oklahoma are] approachable, friendly, forthright, honest and really
welcoming to a mad Aussie running around with a juicer,” he said. “I
think [community] is the single greatest weapon in your arsenal. Also,
keep it fun! Eating this way is a privilege, not a punishment. Celebrate

Editor’s note: Consult a doctor before you begin any kind of fast.

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