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Earlier this month, supporters of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum gathered to kick off the beginning of a five-phase, $7 million renovation project that will provide exhibits and a physical layout to engage new audiences.

Yes, nearly 20 years have passed since Timothy McVeigh bombed the OKC federal building and killed 168 innocent people because of his disgust with the government.

McVeigh was executed for his murders by the federal government he despised.

Executive Director Kari Watkins believes keeping the story relevant
through new technologies is critical to the memorial’s mission as people
learn about the bombing and those who died, survived and acted
heroically immediately after the explosion ripped the building apart.

renovations likely will include never-before-seen interviews and film
clips while telling the story in an engaging, high-tech way.

Since its 2001 dedication, the outdoor memorial has attracted more than six million visitors from 97 countries.

More than two million guests have walked through the museum.

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