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Getting fracked



CNN Money reported recently that the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, found that Promised Land is partly financed by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, part of the state-run media company for the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE is the world’s third-largest oil exporter.

Promised Land, written by and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski (Jim of TV’s The Office), is about a salesman for a natural gas company who sees the error of his ways when faced with opposition from small-town residents.

At first blush, it might sound like the UAE is financing a movie demonizing fracking so that it can continue sending oil our way, but a spokeswoman for the financier said the company, while it gets funds from the Abu Dhabi government, is an independently operated entity.

again, maybe those in the UAE are just big fans of the Jason Bourne
and don’t really care if we buy their silly ol’ oil.

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