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“I wandered into a Smashburger in California for lunch a few years ago,” he said, “and I knew that I was going to invest in this company.”

Klepper, who unveiled Oklahoma City’s first Smashburger in 2011, said he was won over by the food.

The menu is surprisingly diverse for fast-food, including grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, hot dogs and huge salads.

Milkshakes are made with Häagen- Dazs ice cream. Diners can choose from four kinds of french fries, five kinds of cheese, four buns and six premium additions, including bacon, fried egg, avocado and portobello mushrooms. All sandwiches include a build-your-own option.

Before opening a location, Smashburger surveys the area to create a burger and chicken sandwich based on the taste preferences of its clientele. The Oklahoma Smashburger is made with fried pickles, pepper jack cheese, fried onion strings and ranch dressing — sounds appropriate.

For vegetarian diners, a spicy black bean burger is available, and the salads are large enough to feed two people. Ask for dressing on the side, because the servings are generous.

The hot dogs are Hebrew National, 100-percent Angus beef, and delicious. To do the all-American thing, beer is available as well.

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