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Ghost of a chance


Photo: Krista Spears

Most parents aren’t thrilled about their kids playing in punk bands. The mother of Corporate Ghost drummer Max Harris, however, has fostered the entire underground scene by giving fledgling punk and garage rock bands a place to call home while honing their skill.

“It’s provided a place for the punk and underground scene to play,” Harris said of Bad Granny’s Bazaar. “It’s a houseshow type of feel, and that’s all I’ve ever really known.”

But a year in, Corporate Ghost has found itself playing in exceedingly bigger places than the back room of a Plaza District thrift market, including a recent turn at The Blue Note Lounge.

“There was an actual stage,” Harris said. “Like, whoa.”

Corporate Ghost has become something of an under-the-radar favorite in Oklahoma City, regularly playing with fellow popular upstarts Chud and Cosmostanza, and charming crowds with its melding of garage pop and noise rock — an impressively even concoction of The Strokes and Sonic Youth, the latter of which inspired the band’s name.

“It’s a reference to a really rare song that’s hard to find even to listen to,” said front man Gian Archiniaco. “It’s buried in the B-sides. I just decided to build on that with this band.”

The OKC four-piece began as the brainchild of Archiniaco, and since fleshed out with Harris, bassist Patrick Ryan and guitarist Nick Rholeder making steady contributions, evolving even beyond the already unique sound it’s claimed for itself.

“We are taking our time writing more intricate songs,” Archianiaco said. “We are growing as a group. Now, everyone brings their own fire to it.”

Namely, Corporate Ghost has gotten bolder and more destructive, like a bull in a china … er, thrift shop.

“We’ve gotten a lot more intense and crazy, especially live,” Archianiaco said. “I really like to break things.”

The band released its first true effort, Scum, this June; loaded with potential, the humble EP was a pleasant surprise for listeners and Ghost’s members.

“We really liked what came out, more than we ever expected to,” Harris said. “It was like, ‘Maybe we should try and actually do something with this.’ I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s all about having fun and liking what I’m doing. If we aren’t doing that, then why be a part of it?”

The positive response has invigorated the group to record its full-length debut this winter, with a release pegged for early spring, with rounds of touring sandwiched on either side.

“We want to do this for real,” Archianiaco said. “It’s starting to feel like it’s something really worth dedicating ourselves to.”

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