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Ghostlight Theatre Club tackles 'The Shape of Things'



Staging a Neil LaBute play is a statement unto itself, with the brutal and controversial writer serving as a badge announcing the company is far from ordinary. For the third play in Ghostlight Theatre Club's brief existence, the small company chose LaBute's "The Shape of Things," which debuts this Saturday and then will run each Friday and Saturday through July 26.

"What we try to focus on are scripts that move us artistically. You get a lot of theater companies in town, and each have their own area of shows they pull from," said Lance Garrett, Ghostlight artistic director and founding member. "Some of your other theater companies like to pull from the classics such as Shakespeare, but we like to go a little bit edgier. Those are the scripts that speak to us personally."

"The Shape of Things" marks the directorial debut of another Ghostlight founding member, Emily Etherton, who chose the script partly because of its shock ending. The story revolves around the relationship between two college students, Adam and Evelyn. The unlikely pairing begins when Adam stumbles upon Evelyn attempting to deface a nude statue whose phallus had been covered to avoid offending the public. Adam is an underpaid security guard who turns his back to the defacement to win the respect of the exceptionally attractive Evelyn.

Performances will be held at a.k.a. Gallery, with an art show in the lobby including pieces by the cast and crew relating to the play's themes. Art sales will benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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