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Ghosts of Monkshood plan CD release party



Muchos Backflip will join Ghost of Monkshood for a 10 p.m. Friday CD release show at VZD's, 4200 N. Western.

Meandering, disconnected imagery from Michel Gondry movies drift through the mind while listening to Ghost of Monkshood's dreamy new album, "Lift." The 12 tracks of ethereal melodies, subtly complex harmonies and waves of haunting soundscapes verge on trance-inducing.

It's the fifth album from the metro band. Notable lineup changes have shifted the group's chemistry somewhat, such as Dorian Small's departure to start his own eponymous band. The new sound has the same effortless richness, but strays even further into Velvet Underground territory, thanks to added female vocals by electric violist Tanya Felter.

Brian Adair switched instruments with the shifting lineup, starting at drums and then moving to bass and handing off sticks to band newcomer Todd Plunkett. Adair said that when recording "Lift," the act hoped to capture more of an impromptu spirit.

 "Lift" has been two years in the making, Adair said, thanks to computer failure and a number of other obstacles reducing the process to a crawl.

"A lot of the sketch ideas for the songs have existed for a long time, but just now came to fruition, as are other songs that are waiting in limbo," he said. "It's also been a lack of a kick in the pants. It all adds up and can make for a slow process."

Finding a good replacement drummer was key, Adair said, adding the band's music often lacks a firm structure and needs a rhythmic drive that can exist within the music without overwhelming it.

For more information, call 524-4203. "Charles Martin

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