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Gimme swelter


Kameron Davis at Melonbike
Credit: Mark Hancock

You probably knew that already. And I know we’ve all seen the attempt-at-artsy Instagram photos of car thermometers showing temps well north of 100. Sometimes it just feels better to share it. After all, we’re all in this hell together.

Really, the only thing to do this month — aside from repeating how hot it is and taking pics to prove it — is dream of fall and drink an ample amount of water.

I’m not talking about grabbing a bottle of Dasani, either. Isn’t it time for everyone to get a little bit greener? I hate to think what future summers might be like with any more depletion of the ozone.

With the sun’s death rays seemingly trained on Oklahoma, it’s imperative that you realize your fluids intake is of utmost importance — so important, in fact, that you should have H2O on hand at all times, and it should probably be in a reusable receptacle.

Head into Pro Bike Inc. (5820 N.W. 63rd; 721-6707) to grab a few Polar Bottles for you and the fam. These babies are designed to keep liquids cool, because, the only thing worse than being in direct sunlight in August is drinking lukewarm-to-warm water in direct sunlight in August.

You can find CamelBak water bottles, one of the most serious bottles promoting hydration at Melonbike (3021 N. Portland; 602-3310). You can’t miss the place; it’s bright green with red accents — much like a watermelon.

Whether you’re looking for a 14-ounce bottle to stow away in your kiddo’s lunch box or you need the 25-ounce version for a yoga class, the bottles are reusable, which makes them a greener choice.

If you’re brave enough to continue outdoor workouts — and I’ve spotted you out there — make sure you’re stocked with handheld water bottles, waist packs or race vests. Or a combination of all three. Because with the amount you’ll be sweating, it’s imperative to balance that out by drinking more agua.

You’ll find a variety of water bottles, especially those tailored for the dedicated outdoor workout crew, at Red Coyote Running and Fitness (5800 N. Classen Blvd.; 840-0033).

Runners and cyclists, or just walking shoppers, don’t go unprepared for this heat. Stay green and stay hydrated. Let’s shop, OKC!

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