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Glad Maps 3 barrage is over



Thank goodness the MAPS 3 campaign is history. One remarkable item is that for the first time, I found myself in agreement with Nathaniel Batchelder. An old saying: "A fool and his money are soon parted" " but an entire city? I cannot think of any proposed project that is needed, and there is no mention of improvement of our streets, which are in terrible shape.

I guess I can sell my car (no longer needed) and walk down to N.W. 163th and May, catch the streetcar to the $50 million senior aquatic center, go kayaking on the new whitewater, go feed the pigeons in the park, then go to a Thunder game in their obsolete Ford Center.

I hope the city can find money to keep a few police and firemen on duty. The personnel cuts scheduled in January do not seem promising.

God forbid that we should ever let a tax expire, whether its renewal is for something useful or not.

"Lewis H. Tew, Edmond

Tew is an eligible voter in Oklahoma City, but has an Edmond mail address.

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