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Go, Diego, go!



In 2009, Bank of America launched a program to enrich and educate communities through art, allowing museums nationwide to access its corporate art collection for exhibitions, free of charge.

As a result, City Arts Center debuted “Miradas: Ancient Roots in Modern and Contemporary Mexican Art” yesterday. It runs through May 4.

Translated from Spanish, “mirada” means “look” or “gaze.” The exhibition’s name suits it well, as it may be difficult for visitors to divert their eyes from the works of such famous Hispanic artists as Diego Rivera, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Rufino Tamayo. “Miradas” also features pieces from Mexican-American artists like Judithe Hernandez, Roberto Juarez and Robert Graham.

“Oklahoma has a very large Hispanic culture that we would love to reach,” said Christi Jeffreys, City Arts Center marketing manager.

She said the exhibition will serve as a great opportunity for visitors to learn about Hispanic culture. Patrons can view works of art that
represent important points in Hispanic history, as “Miradas” contains
drawings and photographs produced in the 1920s during the end of the
Mexican Revolution and the height of the Mexican muralist movement, and

Included are
such well-known pieces as Rivera’s lithograph “Fruits of Labor,” created
to show symbolically the importance of education, and Manuel Alvarez
Bravo’s photograph of painter Frida Kahlo, one-time wife of Rivera.

“It’s not often in Oklahoma that you can go see a Diego Rivera,” said Jeffreys.

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