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Go Girl!: Sleepover! - Rowan McAuley



Feiwel and Friends

Like The Powerpuff Girls minus the superpowers, the "Go Girl!" novels comprise a girl-empowerment series for ages 7-10. Each title features a different lead character and is penned by one of a rotating stable of authors, but all purport to impart light life lessons "? such as the importance of friendship or adapting to new situations "? in a fun, breezy style.

The second wave is now available, with "Sleepover!" being the fifth in the series, followed by "Surf's Up!," "Dancing Queen" and "Catch Me If You Can." If your grade-school daughter is anything like mine (or the millions of others who've snapped these up around the world), she'll be pulled in by the colorful cartoon covers, but hooked by the engaging stories inside.

"?Rod Lott

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