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Godzilla gone!



Well, at least be on the lookout for a 2-foot version of the aforementioned creature.

A break-in at New World Comics & Games, 6219 N. Meridian, early this morning resulted in burglars spiriting away with a Godzilla figure that had been atop a display case.

“It had a windsock hanging off of it, and I think that's how they pulled it down and made off with it,” said Buck Berlin, who has owned the store for the past six years.

“ I think they broke in, heard the alarm and freaked out,” he said.

“It could have been so much worse, but I'm so grateful that it's not. I'm just ready to cut my losses with the missing Godzilla doll.”

We suspect this wicked act could only be the work of the Smog Monster, but that’s just us.

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