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Going after Google



Credit: Brad Gregg

Attorney General Scott Pruitt doesn’t. He is so disgusted by the
revenue-sharing practice — known as monetizing — that he and Nebraska
Attorney General Jon Bruning wrote a strongly worded letter last week to
the multinational Internet-based giant, noting that they are “prepared
to take appropriate action to safeguard our citizens.”

Pruitt and Bruning are chiefly concerned with ads promoting unlawful
activities like forging drivers’ licenses and selling counterfeit
merchandise, but still.

videos promote illegal conduct and can lead to other crimes from
prescription drug abuse to terrorism,” Pruitt said. “The fact that
Google may be profiting off of these videos that are peddled to kids and
teenagers is unconscionable.”

unconscionable than, say, short-term profitability that brought the U.S.
economy to the brink of collapse? Who cares! At least we can take
solace that our government officials are going after real evildoers.

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