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Good Hair



African hair "? the subject of "Good Hair" "? seems the kind of topic destined to be used to raise and indict issues like the effects of white culture on black culture, black culture for letting white culture influence it, black women for participating in a wasteful and potentially dangerous cosmetic farce, and even exploitative global trading practices.

And while those criticisms are certainly implied, at its heart, "Good Hair" is mostly just a neat bit of cultural anthropology that asks a lot of questions and lets the answers speak for themselves, without trying too hard to teach the world a lesson.

Chris Rock ("Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa") starts with a simple frame for his examination of black hair care: His grade school-aged daughters want to know why they don't have "good" hair; Rock doesn't know what to say.

He embarks on an exploration of attitudes about "black" hair and the various nostrums, elixirs, potions and remedies used to "fix" it. He interviews actors (Nia Long, Raven-Symon


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