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Good Luck Chuck



Reviewer's grade: F


"This movie is what we professional reviewers learn to identify in critics school as 'a piece of shit.'" So wrote Walter Satterthwaite recently about another film but, with apologies to Satterthwaite, it is so much more appropriate a description of this Dane Cook/Jessica Alba/Dan Fogler up-ended outhouse of a comedy.


Cook is a dentist "? and after seeing this movie, you'd never let him put his hands anywhere near your mouth "? who is cursed to be the guy women screw just before they find their own true loves. He's the penultimate stop on the FindYourMate Railroad, so he's drowning in women who are willing but uncaring.


When he falls for Alba, he fears to bed her because then she'll leave him for the next guy who comes long. It's half as funny and twice as smutty as it sounds, and that assessment is pretty damn generous. If you're looking for a movie that might be shown to the prisoners at Abu Ghraib to prove that they just thought America was decadent before, this is it. R


"?Doug Bentin 


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