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Google warming



But there was Google, which has invested more than $1 billion in clean energy, hosting a July 11 lunch fundraiser for Oklahoma’s senior senator.

Protesters gathered outside Google’s Washington, D.C., offices, chanting, “Google, don’t fund evil” — a reference to the company’s slogan — while the $250-$2,500 per plate lunch went on as planned.

Not one to kowtow to pressure, Inhofe had even upped the ante the day before the event. On the Senate floor, he cautioned that those who warn of climate change might be ascribed motives typically more associated with a Batman villain. “Their goal is not to protect the American people, but to control them,” Inhofe said. “They want top-down control, and carbon dioxide regulation will give it to them.”

A Google spokesman explained that the company doesn’t agree with Inhofe on everything, but that they share an interest “in the employees and data center we have in Oklahoma."

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