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Goth-tronica's Chloe Day braving cold to make OKC stop



Chloe Day grew up hating both the jazz music her dad couldn't get enough of and the classical music her mom listened to in the car. The only thing she dreaded even more was upbeat, cheerful Christmas music, so don't expect to hear any seasonal tributes at her Oklahoma City show this Saturday at VZD's.

But despite her distaste for her parents' musical preferences, she managed to find some music to love, especially the Beastie Boys.

"Music is monumental," Day said. "I never wanted to go anywhere without headphones, and I can't stand being in the car without the radio on. So whether I hated the song or loved it, I had to be listening."

It wasn't until Day ran away from St. Louis to Los Angeles that she transformed from a devoted listener who looked toward journal writing for creative expression and into a talented songwriter and passionate musician. Ten years ago, she packed up her headphones, journals and CDs, and relocated.
"I just had to find somewhere where there was no winter. I hate the winter," Day said.

Whether she's strumming her guitar in the back of a pickup truck in Mexico or singing her heart out in a coffee shop in California, Day is playing for an audience.

"I wanted to be able to give something that other people can tap into," she said. "I want to make people feel. I want to get a reaction, and music is such a powerful medium." "Lauren Parajon

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