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Gov. Kevin Stitt declares Oklahoma is in a state of emergency


March 15, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt issued executive order 2020-07 declaring Oklahoma in a state of emergency.

In a video posted on Facebook, Gov. Stitt explained that the emergency declaration "ensures our state has all the resources available to manage the effects of COVID-19."

"By declaring an emergency, small businesses have access to federal loans to help them. The health department and other state agencies are able to hire additional staff and make purchases quickly. This declaration also allows hospitals to cut through red tape to treat patients effectively," Stitt said in the video.

He also provided information about what to do if you suspect you might be sick.

"Private testing labs are now up and running, and the health department is in the process of setting up more ways to be screened across the state," Stitt said. "If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, stay home, call your doctor or the state health department. That hotline is 877-215-8336. The CDC has issued some updated guidance to protect our most vulnerable, and we are encouraging all Oklahomans to follow them. We also want to remind all Oklahomans to continue to wash your hands frequently, stay at home if you're sick, and be thoughtful of how you engage in the public."

Visit for updates on the state of coronavirus in Oklahoma from Oklahoma State Department of Health.

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