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Governor calls testimony 'absolutely absurd'



Gov. Brad Henry denied published reports of Oklahoma City businessman Steve Phipps testifying Wednesday that he gave illegal campaign contributions totaling $70,000 to Henry around the time the governor took office in January 2003.

Henry, who told Oklahoma Gazette he has not seen or read Phipps' testimony, responded when provided a summary account of a published report at

"That is absolutely absurd," Henry said of Phipps' testimony. "There's not an ounce of truth to that."

The allegations occurred during the third day of testimony by Phipps at the federal trial of State Auditor Jeff McMahan in Muskogee.

Phipps, who was being questioned by McMahan attorney Rand C. Eddy, said Henry was supportive of a "chicken litter project" that never got off the ground. The Oklahoman previously reported this involved the American Project Development company, which explored converting chicken litter into electricity.

Phipps reportedly testified the $70,000 was his money, but the funds were provided through "straw donors." "Scott Cooper


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