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Governor's Gallery displays Norman artist's work



A Norman artist who works with mixed media and focuses on depicting natural landscapes is showcasing work in an exhibition in the Governor's Gallery on the second floor of the Oklahoma Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln.

"Nature's Sketchbook" spotlights B.J. Wood, a printmaker who was raised on a farm in Indiana before moving to Norman, said Alyson Atchison, curator of the Capitol galleries.

Atchison said Wood drew from her farm experiences and her love of nature when she created the pieces included in the show. She said Wood was inspired to become a landscape artist because of the countryside she grew up in.

Even now, Atchison said, Wood's house, which doubles as her studio, has many picturesque views of nature. And this is reflected in her art, which contains images of wildlife.

Wood's work is also interesting because of the unique way in which she created them, Atchison said. Each piece starts as a monotype print made from an image she paints on a plate of glass. She then places an absorbent sheet of paper onto the still-wet glass and sends the pieces through a printing press.

When the prints come out of the press, the opposite image of what Wood painted is impressed on a thin layer of paint onto the sheet. With this method, each piece could only be printed once, Atichson said.

After each print is finished, Wood uses found objects to create a collage, Atchison said. In all, the exhibition includes 43 pieces, and individual groupings of her art are arranged in a grid to comprise a larger work.

The free exhibition runs through Sept. 20 in the Governor's Gallery, which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, call 521-2931.

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