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On an Irish island, the whales and villagers alike are being attacked by an alien creature that thrives on blood and water alone. Looked like Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley, Alarm, In Her Skin) picked the wrong two weeks to sub as an officer there.

Her jaded partner, the functioning alcoholic O'Shea (Richard Coyle, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), doesn't even like having her around. It's only after coming face-to-face with the Lovecraftian tangles of blue tentacles that he switches directions, and only then because they theorize the monsters aren't interested in eating the intoxicated, so the solution is to get blitzed

That percentage-by-volume angle is the only element distinguishing Grabbers from every other middling creature feature. Director Jon Wright (the aptly titled Tormented) would like this sci-fi comedy to be the next Slither, the next Attack the Block, but it's not smart or snappy enough to surface to that level.   —Rod Lott

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