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Grand tour



The network for
highminded insomniacs will profile our fair city as part of C-SPAN’s
inaugural Local Content Vehicles (LCV) Cities Tour.

Correspondents will arrive Monday and stay through Friday, April 13. The segments will air May 5-6.

Lamb, coordinating producer for the LCV Tour, said C-SPAN will focus on
the city’s history, culture and nonfiction literary life.

“We are still in the process of setting up all of the programming and school visits that we will be videotaping,” she said.

it sounds like a nice opportunity to showcase OKC, consider that the
other cities on the tour include Beaumont, Texas; Shreveport, La.;
Little Rock, Ark.; Wichita, Kan.; and Jefferson City, Mo. Compared to
those places, we’ll look like Paris!

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