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That said, it's a must-own Blu-ray, and the bigger the TV you have, the better.

Rightly the recipient of seven Academy Awards earlier this month, Gravity quickly gets rolling, with U.S. astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney, The Monuments Men) and scientist Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock, The Heat) left to their own devices — and possibly death — when a storm of debris destroys the space shuttle during their spacewalk. The lean story is one of survival, not disaster; much lesser films would choose the latter or at least balance the two. 

Nail-biting tension is a given with such a setup; that it is so emotionally moving is not, but likely accounts for its cultural resonance and behemoth box office. Technically, it's a tour de force for director Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men), who ends up with an immediate, for-the-ages classic of cinematic science fiction. So irresistible is Gravity's pull that the grand achievement — and it is nothing less — is sci-fi for people who claim to hate the genre.

Warner Bros.' Blu-ray is rife with supplements on the movie's making, but the first special feature to click to is Aningaaq, a companion short directed by Cuarón's son and Gravity co-writer, Jonás. Although taking place on Earth sweet Earth, it succeeds at nailing Gravity's tone.    —Rod Lott

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