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Grizzly Tales: Dr. Moribundus





Nope, "Grizzly Tales" is not about bears, but scary stories. But it turns out they're not at all grizzly, either.

"Grizzly Tales: Dr. Moribundus" is a collection of six episodes of the 2000 British TV series for children. In packaging and presentation, it would have you believe that it's a toned-down "Tales from the Crypt," yet the only horror is cautionary.

This is not a show designed to scare, no matter how many shots of wriggling worms are included; it's one designed to impart messages, such as respect the boundaries of others and don't overdo in eating sweets. If the show is aimed as the "tweener" audience as listed on the cover, they'll be terribly disappointed at how childish it is.

The traditionally animated segments are primitive but passable, but pale next to the framing segments of our mad-scientist host and his spider sidekick, both rendered wonderfully in stop-motion. Nigel Planer serves as the narrator and provides every single voice, which is a near-instantaneous annoyance, thanks to his over-enunciation.

"?Rod Lott


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