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Gun crazy



Credit: Brad Gregg

Got to run by the grocery store for eggs and toilet paper? Bring that .45!

Ordering a no-fat mocha frappuccino? Do it with a .44!

After enduring an obscenely long period of anti-Second Amendment fascism in our fair state, the estimated 141,000 Oklahomans with a concealed-carry permit can now breathe easy and brandish those firearms out in the open. Yes, citizens, we are in the first full week of Oklahoma’s shiny new open-carry law, so if you happen to notice a spring in your step and a song in your heart, well, pardner, that ain’t no coincidence.

But wouldn’t you know it, there are always a few wags out eager to take a cheap shot at our guns. The New York Times, which seems to recognize the existence of Oklahoma only when our lawmakers have done something to make Bill O’Reilly cream his jeans, mused last week that “the new law has illustrated the ways in which the state’s image as a bastion of rugged outdoorsmen and gun-toting cowboys is as much fact as it is fiction.”

Still, there have been more supportive voices on the national scene. New American, the
magazine of choice for the John Birch Society, praised Oklahoma for
having taken “an important step on the slow return to a constitutional
right to keep and bear arms.”

however, the publication added that the law “does not adhere to the
full measure of liberty enunciated in the federal constitution,” since
the open-carry statute doesn’t apply to all Oklahomans.

Boy, those Birchers sure are glass-half-empty kind of folks.

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