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‘Gun-hating zealots’ are perpetuating backward thought



Karen Webb’s letter “Bullet proof in the line of fire,” (Jan. 19, Gazette) would be amusing, if not for the backward thinking perpetrated by the gun-hating zealots.

Webb asks, “How do you tell a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun?” Karen, here’s a hint: The bad guy is the one with a gun killing people.

Webb claims to leave “any and every establishment when I see a person with a gun who is not wearing a law enforcement uniform.” Since Oklahoma law states your gun must be concealed, how are you seeing all these people with guns? I know of no one advocating everyone and their old maid aunt pack heat, except you.

Law abiding citizens that legally carry concealed weapons are not just waiting around for a horrific event to occur, so they can take out their gun and blast someone. Carrying a concealed weapon comes with a huge responsibility, as all law enforcement personnel well know.

date, I know of not one event where a law abiding citizen carrying a
concealed weapon pulled their gun and shot a hail of gunfire. “When
everyone opens fire, no one will know who the perp is,” is, without a
doubt, one of the most paranoid statements ever uttered by someone who
claims “Paranoia is not my friend.”

—Keith Kelley

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