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Gunman allegedly threatens David Letterman-watching OKC woman



An Oklahoma City woman was watching "The Late Show with David Letterman" when a gunman walked into her living room, put a pistol to her head and demanded she unplug the television, according to a police report released last week.

Shortly before midnight on Aug. 27, police were called to the woman's home in the 200 block of N.W. 80th. She told responding officers the man likely sneaked into her home through an unlocked garage side door. The man walked through the kitchen, into the living room and put a long-barreled pistol to the seated woman's head, ordering her to unplug the set and hand over her car keys, the woman told police.

The woman was not hurt and no arrests were made.

The robber " described in the report as a tall, thin, twenty-something black man wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans " then grabbed the TV, took her cell phone and left, backing out of the garage in her sedan, she told police.

Letterman's guests that night included celebrity cook Rachael Ray, so CFN's chief legal analyst believes that any criminal charges stemming from the TV theft could be dismissed under the Good Samaritan Law.

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