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Guster makes Oklahoma stops on environmental tour



Dream-pop band Guster is currently on its Campus Consciousness Tour, playing its music and promoting environmental awareness at several universities.
"The Campus Consciousness Tour is more about informing people who come to the show on how they can emit less and help the environment," drummer Brian Rosenworcel said.
But the guys of Guster aren't just offering their opinions and leaving it up to the students to find out how to get involved; they're demonstrating them.
The eco-village set up at each stop on the tour includes:
" a tour of Guster's biodiesel tour bus,
" recycling stations,
" a global warming video contest,
" food drives, and
" a town hall meeting where students and faculty can speak with members of Guster about campus sustainability.
Ever the environmentalists, the band members even use rechargeable batteries to power their instruments.
"There's a lot of interest and it's a good time for us to reach people," Rosenworcel said. "There's a lot to learn and the students are eager to hear it." "Graham Lee Brewer

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