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Guthrie council member lets her fingers do her talking



Poor Patty Hazelwood. It seems the Guthrie city councilwoman may have a little trouble containing her true feelings. reported Hazelwood had to offer up a public apology to her fellow council members and the public after expressing her thoughts a bit too demonstratively at a previous meeting.       

According to the story, Hazelwood became upset with a newly hired attorney for the city and expressed her displeasure with the middle-finger salute and stated what the gesture meant. Most people know what that means ("the bird is the word"), but we guess the councilwoman just wanted to make sure the attorney didn't confuse the gesture with Hazelwood checking her nails.

Guthrie's vice mayor requested Hazelwood be sanctioned for her outward expression, calling the action unacceptable. After admitting she went a little too far and apologizing, no sanctions were handed down. But the councilwoman made it clear what she should have done.

"I should have walked outside with him (the attorney) like any other person should do and had it out on the outside of the building just him and me, but I didn't," Hazelwood was quoted in the story. "... But I was mad. I wanted to get him so bad I couldn't stand it."

Yes, it's always much better to make obscene gestures involving middle fingers in private. Not that anyone at Chicken-Fried News ever gets upset at their fellow co-workers and feels the need to point fingers. Bucky the Intern's approach is to deposit doggie leftovers from the nearby park in your chair. The smell only lasts a few days.

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