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Hollywood hard rockers Warrant have done a lot of growing up.

The glam-metal group used to party with the best of them in the early ’90s, touring the country with massive hits like “Cherry Pie” and “Heaven.” Now, if not early to bed, they are early to rise, having ditched most of the sex and drugs, and have branched out into the world of wine with their own bottle, labeled Warrant Cherry Pie Red.

“We drink better grape juice now,” guitarist and co-founder Erik Turner said. “Hopefully, we are a little older and a lot wiser … definitely a lot tamer than when we first came out. We partook in all back then, but now we, dare I say, are a lot more professional, even when having a good time.

We take what we do a little more seriously than we did 25 years ago.”

Renewed dedication has helped the band weather the collapse of its genre and numerous lineup changes, most notably in a string of departures by front man Jani Lane that was finalized in 2008.

“I’m not one for drama. I’ve been in this band since I was 19, and if it was up to me, we’d never had to make those changes,” Turner said, noting the act is now solid with singer Robert Mason, formerly of Lynch Mob. “We all have the same agenda of making the best music we can. We finally have a functioning band.”

The recent resurgence of — and apparent nostalgia for — hair metal has helped Warrant continue on a more lucrative path. While it still takes the occasional dip, Turner appreciates what demand there is.

“Our popularity is up and down, and fluctuates on many different levels, but we are fortunate to still be around,” Turner said, “When grunge came out, it was fashionable to rag on glam-metal bands. Now we’ve got a whole new generation of kids interested in our music. They seem more open to all types of music, don’t care about the stigma.

“Their parents come out, too. Maybe they had been getting laid to ‘Cherry Pie’ and want to relive those good times. We are a good-time band.”

Warrant augments its multiplatinum back catalog with a handful of records released since its glory days, including this summer’s “Rockaholic.” It’s a statement record, and the first recorded with Mason.

“Our love for rock ’n’ roll has always been the same. It’s even grown over the years,” Turner said. “It’s an addiction. We’ve been addicted to what we do since 14, even though we are still figuring out how to do it. It describes us to a T.”

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