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Misty Byrd styles Becky Mahorney's hair at Velvet Monkey Salon.
BY: Mark Hancock

Messy/sock or high bun? Oh, it’s day three of not washing and your mane is all hopped up on dry shampoo, but there’s a casual business meeting on the schedule, and the grunge look is too informal.

Low pony tail? Someone means business.

Tousled waves? You either have extremely awesome hair that waves naturally or have spent some time with the curling iron. Must be gearing up for a night out on the town or primping for a hot date. With the beginning of a new season, it’s the perfect time to consider loving on your locks .

The last few seasons ushered in a whole new level of playing with color. We’ve come a long way from the Jennifer Aniston chunky highlight and the attention-getting half blonde/half brown trend. The exploration of nonnatural colors began with the bleached and light silver looks (probably accidentally discovered by a person changing from dark locks to light). Then, during the spring and summer that followed, brave style savants proudly bore neon pinks and electric blues.

There’s good news for those who want to stay on trend but can’t show up to a place of employment rocking ROY G. BIV.

By all means, have fun with color, but consider plum browns or butter blondes for a more subtle but just as rad statement. This season finds a balance between the shocking all-over colors and natural hues.

Mazey Denman, hair artist at Velvet Monkey Salon (1701 NW 16th St.; 528-1106), is excited about colors that are geared toward the fall/winter.

“I definitely see a lot of golden blondes and dark rich chocolate brown and a million different shades of red for fall colors,” said Denman.

Along with color, a cut to fit life and style is of equal importance. From textured bobs to asymmetrical bangs, Salon W (7304 N. Western Ave.; 608- 0692) takes the time to know about your hair and what you do with it every day. Don’t be afraid to say you want something low-maintenance.

Besides, it’s all downhill following the first wash after an awesome haircut. OK, maybe not downhill. But if you’re anything like me, it’s not going to look that good again until the next cut or trim.

Maybe your look is just fine, and maintenance or a little pampering is all you’re after. Revel Eight Salon & Spa (201 NW 10th St.; 702-1688) is the perfect Midtown respite. Here, you can attend to the color and cut, or feel free to have unwanted hair removed.

The shop employs a full-time esthetician who offers facials, peels, waxes or even airbrush tans. The salon and spa is offering a monthly massage membership right now. A limited number of memberships are available.

Whether it’s a cut, color or wax, don’t neglect your hair this season. It says a lot about you. Let’s shop, OKC!

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