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Halliwell's The Movies That Matter - David Gritten



Welcome to the first recession-era edition of "Halliwell's: The Movies that Matter," one of those film reference books that gets printed year after year, each time stretching the limits of binderies as it resembles the Yellow Pages of a major metropolitan era.

Not this time. As David Gritten notes in his intro, the Internet has taken quite a bite out of the printed page, especially when it comes to accessing information about movies. No longer is "Halliwell's" clocking in at 1,400 pages; this one's been truncated to just more than 700. That means a lot of titles have fallen by the wayside, and this edition covers only 2,800. To put perspective on that number, not even all the "Star Wars" entries made the cut.

But the biting wit and film-snob attitude sure did! This is the kind of work where "preposterous" is used as if it were the word "the." That makes for entertaining reviews, even if you don't agree.

HarperCollins"?Rod Lott

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