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Halloween: Restored




Just how many DVD reissues does John Carpenter's classic horror film need? Anchor Bay has released a handful of "Halloween" discs already "? at least three before this, by my count "? with the definitive being a two-disc 25th-anniversary edition. This single-platter affair doesn't improve upon that, but we understand that with Rob Zombie's remake/reimagining hitting theaters, a tie-in was a foregone conclusion.

Carpenter's slice of scare cinema remains frightening and suspenseful, with masked slayer Michael Myers stalking babysitter Jamie Lee Curtis with the determined ferocity of a robot programmed to kill, and Donald Pleasence following close behind as the good doctor keen on bringing down this hulking slab of knife-wielding evil.

As far as extras go, the "Halloween Unmasked" featurette is good, but rendered irrelevant by those who own the franchise-encompassing "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror" documentary. So buyer beware, but if you've never bought "Halloween" before and don't want to invest big bucks to add it to your collection, this version will suffice.

"?Rod Lott


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