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Reviewer's grade: B


No offense to the Rick Rosenthals and Dwight H. Littles of the world, but after John Carpenter never looked back, all installments in the enduring "Halloween" series have been helmed by for-hire directors. Until now. Say what you will about Rob Zombie's films, but the man keeps the auteur theory alive in horror. He brings his singularly twisted vision to "Halloween," only partially a remake, and mostly new enough to deflect cries from the Michael Myers faithful.


However, be warned: If you spent much of "The Devil's Rejects" questioning how such a nihilistic cast of characters could be considered entertainment, you're going to hate "Halloween" just as much. But for fans of Zombie's hardcore horror "? informed by a mix of Famous Monsters magazines, Seventies chainsaw massacres and modern-day industrial imagery "? it won't disappoint.


Although influenced by Carpenter's original film, of course, Zombie's version is very much its own thing, complete with Danielle Harris "? the little girl from parts 4 and 5, now all grown up and running from Myers once more, albeit this time naked. R


"?Rod Lott 


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