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Halpern's landscape photographs on display at Capitol



Breathtaking landscapes from around the world "? as seen through the lens of Tulsa photographer David Halpern "? are now on display in the North Gallery of the state Capitol.

"New Perceptions of Reality" will show through May 4, and its title reflects a change in the artist's approach to his art, in a career that began in the early Fifties when the then-15-year-old Halpern first exhibited his images.

"Once it was the process of making the picture that held my attention; now it is the challenge of discovering new images," he said, in a press release. "Once I was preoccupied with photographic technique; now I'm more interested in how the image speaks."

His eye for nature comes naturally, having served 11 times as a national park artist in residence at sites in:
" Colorado,
" Utah,
" Montana and
" Maine.

"I have always tried to show viewers of my photographs a natural world about which I care deeply and which I believe is worth protecting and preserving," Halpern said. "My approach is neither sermonic nor adversarial; I prefer to let the images speak for themselves."

For more information, visit their site or call 521-2931.

"?Rod Lott


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