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Hamm remains at helm



Continental Resources CEO and Oklahoman Harold Hamm received good news recently in the divorce case with his estranged wife, Sue Ann Hamm, Forbes reported.

There was speculation that Hamm could lose 70 percent controlling interest in the company, meaning his wife would win a big chunk of that black gold fortune. However, in a Feb. 13 order, unsealed March 4, Oklahoma District Court Judge Howard Haralson determined Hamm’s 122 million shares in the company were “premarital property.”

She won’t leave emptyhanded. Forbes lists
Hamm’s net worth at $14.6 billion, and he owns 4 million additional
shares in Continental that are not considered pre-marital property. With
the stock sitting at about $125 per share, that’s a pretty hefty chunk
of change to split.

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