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Hans Zimmer - The Simpsons Movie: The Music





What's the best accompaniment for an animated series turned movie about a misfit American family beset with family, employment and life woes punctuated by doughnut-eating, butt jokes and random pop-culture references?


Why, add a musical score by Oscar- and Grammy-winning score composer Hans Zimmer. His "The Simpsons Movie" score juxtaposes serious orchestra pieces with the absurdity of the film to accent some of its funnier moments. The original title theme originally was written by Danny Elfman, but has been reworked by Zimmer with a bigger orchestra.


Played on headphones, it's amazing how complex the title song really is: horns blasting, strings swimming, and drums and persecution snapping in and out.


Arguably the funniest moment during the movie' where Homer Simpson takes his new pet pig, dubs him "Spider-Pig," holds him up to walls and the ceiling, letting him make hoof marks everywhere' is embellished by an orchestra and choir.


"?Joe Wertz


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