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Happy Birthday Oklahoma!



Only one official Oklahoma centennial projects is experienced through the perspective of a bird named Boomer Scissortail: "Happy Birthday Oklahoma!," an illustrated children's book written by local man John Morrow.

The full-color, 56-page hardback follows Boomer as he learns about significant events in state history, starting with Oklahoma's 1907 statehood and ending with a centennial celebration.

"I wanted to write the story of Oklahoma for the Oklahomans who couldn't be here for the centennial," Morrow said. "(Radio personalities) Jack (Elliott) and Ron (Williams) said it was the first Oklahoma history book that was easy to read. They loved it!"

Ever since he received the first printed copy, Morrow has visited several schools in the metro to read Boomer's story to students.

"Kids like the pages. They're colorful," he said. "Once they see the book and hold it open, to see their eyes light up makes it more special."

The book is not the only Morrow has penned. His first, "Lilly Lightbug," was written for children with special needs, while his second, "Ostrich Egg Omelets," follows an ostrich and emu at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Up next, Morrow hopes, is "Banana Peel Pizza," in which a family of monkeys operates a pizza shop, only to find all the inventory being eaten up by elephants.

"I love children, and there really aren't a lot of fun children's books out there that are imaginative and full of color," he said. "Having two kids of my own has helped with a lot of my stories." "?Rod Lott

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