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Happy Record Store Day Black Friday!



But they, too, can participate in the nation’s annual orgy of mass consumerism by heading to their local indie record store Friday for extremely exclusive musical goodies that will probably go for three times as much on eBay the next day.

An offshoot of the popular Record Store Day event, this Black Friday addendum includes a small handful of Sooner State artists. You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazelwood Industries 1967-1970 is a 7-inch vinyl box set featuring rare acid-folk tracks from Mannford-born country-psych legend Lee Hazelwood, while Capitol Rarities is a 10-inch vinyl collection of lost rockabilly tracks from Oklahoma City’s own kitten with a whip, Wanda Jackson.

Included by proxy, The Flaming Lips are represented via a vinyl release of the crib-ready cover album Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Flaming Lips — the ultimate baby-hipster effort. Pair it with some vintage skinny Pampers and your infant will be the coolest kid in the sandbox.

Other exclusive LPs and CDs include Joey Ramone, Biz Markie, Bob Dylan, M83, Joan Jett, Jellyfish and Love. Personally, I’m getting The Fat Boys’ Pizza Box LP, a picture disc that, natch, looks like a delicious pepperoni pizza, complete with cardboard box. It’s sure to be an all-you-can-eat buffet of old-school awesome, at least to this fat boy.

For participating stores, visit —Louis Fowler

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