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Have yourself a Lippy little Christmas



They recently sent out a list of gift suggestions, and amid the Devo- and My Chemical Romance-branded items are several offerings from Oklahoma City’s own Flaming Lips.

Because when Chicken-Fried News thinks “birth of the Christ child,” we think “Silver Trembling Fetus Ornament.” For $30, this silver pewter “shiny little prebundle of pure joy” measures 3 inches and is “back by popular demand!” For a more festive fetus, you can plunk down $150 for “Gummy Song Fetus,” which, of course, is a large, gummy bear-style candy in the shape of said fetus. “Eat your way to musical bliss,” because the cranium contains three exclusive Lips tracks on a USB drive.

Twenty bucks can put a 12-month calendar under your tree. A calendar, Wayne Coyne? How sooo 1984. And fetus-free.

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