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Heady holidaze



Credit: Brad Gregg

Or so suggests a press release last week issued by Warner Bros. Records shilling Flaming Lips swag for publications’ holiday gift guides. Among the items suggested are:

—The Flaming Lips Silver Trembling Fetus Ornament, $30 and “back by popular demand ... and not just for your Jewish friends”;

—The Flaming Lips Gummy Song Fetus, $150, a “miraculous and detailed yummy confection”;

—The Flaming Lips Hollywood Cemetery Skull, $200, another gummy edible “with Marijuana-flavored green brain!!”; and

—The Flaming Lips Live Custom Tote Bag, $59.99, no description given.

Eh, Chicken-Fried News will settle for the Michael Bublé Love Lips Spa Robe and Slippers.

It’s a little pricey at $75, but at least it might get us laid.

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