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Heartland Flyer allows for headache-free spring getaway



Want a quick spring getaway, but dread the thought of packing your kids into the SUV where they'll be belted prisoners whining for drinks and bathroom breaks every half hour? Next time, try the train.

The Heartland Flyer blows its whistle in downtown Oklahoma City from the Amtrak station at 100 S. E.K. Gaylord, chugging out a 418-mile daily round trip to Fort Worth, Texas, with stops in:
" Norman,
" Purcell,
" Pauls Valley,
" Ardmore and
" Gainesville, Texas.

Last week's spring break saw many families hopping aboard the Heartland Flyer. With her children in tow, Tulsa resident Sandy Jones described their first rail trip as "fun and enjoyable." Her kids' favorite part? The snack car, of course.

The surprise of the ride comes both in the comfort and cool quotient. Enjoy luxurious legroom with a retractable leg rest and foot rest, and ample space between neighbors.

Bathrooms are accessible on the lower level of each train car, and the snack bar is located in the middle car, stocked with a long list of eats sure to please even the pickiest of diners, including:
" cheeseburgers,
" hamburgers,
" breakfast sandwiches and
" hot dogs.

For the 21-and-up crowd, alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase.

For more information, visit their site. "Malena Lott

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