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Heat hospitalizes Oklahoma sportscaster



KWTV Channel 9's Dean Blevins reportedly spent hours in a Tulsa emergency room after suffering fainting spells during an Aug. 6 practice round at the PGA Championship at Tulsa's Southern Hills.


The Tulsa World reported the 51-year-old sports director was taken to St. Francis Hospital. Blevins was sweatin' up a storm and had to sit down with the assistance of a spectator. Following treatment, Dean "The Dream" checked out of the hospital.


"I've had 21 surgeries in my life and I hate hospitals," Blevins told the World. "They (physicians) think something is going on and they want to nail it down. "¦ But this (tournament) is huge. I'm not going to be in a hospital bed when Tiger Woods is in our back yard."


CFN was glad to see Deano back on his feet.


All told, more than 200 required medical attention while attending the warmest PGA major championship in recorded history, according to the World. Ambulance workers transported a total of eight individuals to nearby hospitals. Sunday, Aug. 12, was reportedly the busiest day with temps skyrocketing to a scorching 102 degrees.


"It seemed like a more difficult day to most people," said Dr. Frank Mitchell, a spectator medical services co-chairman. "People tried to stay out longer, so it made it much more challenging for everybody."

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