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Heathers: 20th High School Reunion Edition




 "What's your damage?"

 "I love my dead gay son!"

 "Oh, the humanity!"


Is there any movie more quotable than "Heathers"? (That's rhetorical, Monty Python fans.) One of those films that found an audience after its initial run, yet could never be made today, Michael Lehmann's "Heathers" remains a landmark teen comedy, whether you're in high school or were two decades ago.

In her best-ever role, Winona Ryder is Veronica, the only girl in a clique of snobby Westerburg High rich girls who's not named Heather. But a fascination with the school's new bad boy (Christian Slater) shows Veronica that popularity isn't everything. In fact, it's nothing if you're dead, and he's all too happy to help speed that process along.

With the Columbine and Virginia Tech incidents, school slayings aren't exactly the stuff of campus-based comedies. In general, murder's not funny at all, but "Heathers" is so dead-on-perfect in its satire of class strata and student stereotypes that it can be enjoyed without having the gloom and doom of real-life events cast a shadow over it.

Chances are, "Heathers" heads will already own the DVD. Anchor Bay's new "20th High School Reunion Edition" adds one new feature to a totally "very" special edition that already exists: a featurette on the film's lensing location. It's not worth the upgrade, so save your pennies unless you've yet to shell them out for this modern classic.

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