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Hellboy II: The Golden Army



Reviewer's grade: A

Ron Perlman, in the title role, Selma Blair as Hellboy's way-too-hot (literally) girl friend, and Jeffrey Tambor as a prickly bureaucrat, return and lead a supporting cast of elves, trolls, and assorted paranormal good and bad guys in the best comical/tragical/melodramatic fantasy-adventure of the summer.

Hellboy and his team of paranormal crimebusters have to stop an Earth spirit (Luke Goss) from leading an army of indestructible mechanical warriors on a crusade to rid the planet of parking lots, shopping malls, and the humans who love them.

Guillermo del Toro directs from a story concocted by him and "Hellboy" comic creator Mike Mignola. Del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth") has more of his patented comically hideous monsters for us in the most imaginative summer romp to date. PG-13

"?Doug Bentin


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