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So it is at this point, the sad saga of former Creek County District Judge Donald Thompson (aka 2006’s penis-pump-at-the-bench judge) may have turned a corner from being fodder for double entendres to “All right, maybe this guy really should seek some help.” 

Thompson was arrested July 19 by the Creek County Sheriff’s office and booked into the Creek County Jail (possibly earning him some sort of frequent visitor’s perks?) on a complaint of driving under the influence.

According to KOTV in Tulsa, it was a broken taillight that got him pulled over outside of Sapulpa.

The probable cause affidavit stated the deputy noticed Thompson had slurred speech, the scent of alcohol on his breath and an open container of alcohol in his vehicle, the KOTV story stated. After conducting sobriety tests, the deputy arrested him and found a bottle of pills in Thompson’s pocket, KOTV reported.

Of course, few could forget his 2006 conviction of indecent exposure when he was caught using a penis pump while sitting on the bench. This is his second DUI instance since then, and earlier this year, a protective order was dismissed when his ex-girlfriend didn’t show up to court.

We’re afraid to ask where this ongoing story will end, but we wonder at this point if the Creek County authorities haven’t seen the last of The Judge.

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