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Henry Poole is Here



Reviewer's grade: F

Luke Wilson ("3:10 to Yuma") stars as Henry Poole, a guy who moves back to his boyhood neighborhood to curl up in his own grief and disappear. After unwillingly meeting the neighbors, one of them (Adriana Barraza, "Babel") discovers what she believes to be the face of Christ manifested in a water stain in Henry's stucco wall. She brings in a priest and her church pals, and an old-school healing shrine is set up in Henry's back yard.

In the meantime, Henry starts seeing Dawn (Radha Mitchell, "The Children of Huang Shi"), the requisite hottie neighbor with a heart of gold. Over the next week or so, Henry's belief system is tested by the possibility that the water stain can actually perform miracles and heal the sick. It might even heal whatever's wrong with Henry, if he just believes enough in Tinkerbell"¦ I mean, Jesus. Basically religious advocacy masquerading as a philosophical examination of the meaning of life, "Henry Poole" is actually about as deep as a puddle of mud. PG

"?Mike Robertson


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